Website Latest

This is the list of all the updates and alterations to my web site.
It also shows my "To Do" list.

Latest additions, Alterations and Updates....

May 2006 -  Create new account with host and register domain name of "".
Alter home page of old website to be more compatible and clearer.  Upload to
Gradually updating web pages and uploading to server.
Started to add video clips of stationary engines.
Feb 2007 -  Created new page with additional photos and video clips of Bessie.
Took photo of carburettor needle valve and finished page about Lister D "How It Works".
Tidied and partly redesigned the engine pages.
April 2007 -  Renewed all video clips, changing from AVI to WMV format to reduce file size for faster downloading.
Removed backgrounds from images on Home (Index) page, and altered layout slightly.
May 2007 -  New "Steamer" page created.  Gradually adding links to sub pages.
Worked on improving photo content.  Removed background from several photos to improve appearance.
Information about threads added to Useful Information page.
Pages created for showman's engines, steam rollers and ploughing engines.
More pages created for traction engines and other steamers.
Home and About Me pages updated.
More stationary engines added to the Other Engines page.
1st July 2008 -  Updated hosting package to give more bandwidth and space for more pages.
11th July 2008 -  Created News page and will attempt to keep it up to date.
13th July 2008  -  Changed Showman's engines night time photo.  Now much clearer as new wide screen digital camera used.
26th October 2008 -  Added another two video clips for the Lister A.
27th October 2008  -  Added two video clips of Showman's engines at the Great Dorset Steam Fair.
2nd November 2008  -  Added two video clips of the 1929 Lister D.
Created 1929 Lister D photos with no background, for use as video clip hyperlinks.
7th November2008 -  Added information and wiring details of 12v dynamo regulator to Useful Information page.
22nd November 2008 -  Tidied up and improved front (Index) page, and a few others.
4th December 2008 -  Created and added an audio welcome/introduction file to the index page.
6th December 2008 Created "Heights Of Abraham" picture with no background.
6th December 2008 Changed engine pictures on The Engines page for ones with no background.
7th February 2009 Added to the Grumpy Old Me page.
26th February 2009 Minor alterations to some pages to improve overall appearance.
July 2009 Added more steamer photos and video clips.
August 2009 Changed my photo on the "About Me" page for a more up to date one.
August 2009 More tidying up and bringing up to date.
January 2010 Updating Events and News pages.
March 2010 More updating of News and Events pages and improvements to The Engines page.
December 2010 Updating Events and News pages.
January 2011 Updating Events page.

My "To Do" List...

- Tidy up existing pages to make less cluttered and easier to read.  (Being worked on)
- Add video clips for the steamers.
- Add more content, including steam railways and perhaps my model railway layout.
- Remove the background from more photos (for use as video clip hyperlinks etc.)
- Add a page with a list of places of interest for the enthusiast.


If you have any 'clean' suggestions on how I can improve this website then please contact me.  See link on home page.