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The Engines

This page gives you a taste of what's in the stationary engine section.

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1929 Lister D  1931 Lister DK 1945 Lister A  Other Engines


At present I have three working stationary engines.
Just click on a link above to see the page about that engine.
The pages on my 1929 Lister D are the most comprehensive at the moment.
There is a sub page on exactly how it works, with close-up photographs and explanations.
There are numerous photographs and some video clips throughout the engine section.  I hope you enjoy it.



ListerAWithFred01.jpg (87722 bytes) My meeting with Fred Dibnah...
In May 2000 I was at the open day at Twyford Waterworks,
and was presented with the rally plaque by the famous personality Fred Dibnah.
Fred had a great down-to-earth personality.  He had some wonderful tales to tell about
his life as a steeplejack, his steam engines and his finding fame on the television.  What a great
character he was!  It was a very sad day when Fred passed away through cancer in November 2004.
ListerAWithFred02.jpg (89481 bytes)