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Steam Rollers

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Scroll down for video clips.

The steam rollers are possibly the least
"romantic" of the steamers.  They were hard
working and practical tools.  At one time they were
to be seen everywhere there were road works.  I well remember
seeing them moving up and down over a newly laid piece of tarmac.

As a boy I would marvel at the sheer power and size of these huge
monsters.  To be put in charge of such a formidable beast
must be a very rewarding, if scary job.  Perhaps
many didn't even give these engines
a second glance!

Below are a few photos of rollers taken at Steam Fairs at various times.


DSF_Rollers Line Up.jpg (123995 bytes) At the Dorset Steam Fair the different types of engines are usually grouped together.  This photo shows a line-up of Rollers in such an area.
DSF_Roller_Major Henry.jpg (124730 bytes) Here is roller Major Henry.  The engines move around the site and so are not just static exhibits.  This makes the show much more interesting and "alive".
DSF_Advance Roller 02.jpg (123233 bytes) This is a Wallis and Stevens "Advance" roller.  She is being shown off in the arena in this photo.
DSF_Advance Roller 01.jpg (122482 bytes) Here is another "Advance" roller.  Note how the steering differs on these engines.  Other makes have the traditional chains, whereas these have a tiller arrangement.
DSF_Steam Roller Demo.jpg (125909 bytes) Every year at the Dorset Steam Fair they set up a road making demonstration area.  All the old equipment is used and it's a very well presented area.
DSF_Michael Olivers Roller.jpg (132844 bytes) This is Michael Oliver's roller.  He is the organiser of the steam fair, and this engine has been in his garden for many years, as you can see.  He was finally persuaded to remove it and bring it along.  As you can see there is even a tree growing up through it!
Netley Marsh (Babcock Roller)_25Jul2009.JPG (104168 bytes) This is a Babcock roller, taken at Netley Marsh in 2009.
Netley Marsh (Fowler Roller)_25Jul2009.JPG (113247 bytes) This is a Fowler roller, also taken at Netley Marsh in 2009.
Netley Marsh (Invicta Roller)_25Jul2009.JPG (111151 bytes) This is an Invicta roller at Netley Marsh in 2009.
It's interesting to see the differences between the makes in the last three photos.

Video clips...

This video clip shows a Burrell roller on a hill at Netley Marsh in 2009.
It's good to see them working like this.

This roller is just leaving the main arena after the steam lineup.

This Burrell roller in inside the main arena at Netley Marsh in 2008.