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Other Steamers

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Here you will find many other interesting
pieces of machinery that are powered by steam.
From the industrial revolution steam reigned supreme.
Install a stationary steam engine and connect it up to some
line shafting, and you can easily power a whole factory or mill.

Huge beam engines were made that pumped massive amounts
of water out of mines, or in water pumping stations.  Steam
was tried in transport.  Lorries, buses and even cars were
made with varying success.  Steam cars were fast
and quiet, but not very practical.  Raising steam
is time consuming - far easier to turn a key!

There are many interesting items to view here by just browsing the photos.  Somehow steam is magical, and brings things alive!


Foden Steam Wagon.jpg (121828 bytes) This is a Foden steam lorry at the Great Dorset Steam Fair.
Stanley Steam Car.jpg (122439 bytes) This Stanley steam car has a Charabanc body.  Also seen at Dorset.
Foden And Sentinal Steam Wagons.jpg (125890 bytes) Here there is a Foden steam lorry and a Sentinel steam van side by side.  These were spotted at Netley Marsh Steam Rally.
Robey Steam Wagon.jpg (123271 bytes) This one is a Robey heavy haulage engine, seen at Dorset.
Steam Car.jpg (118911 bytes) Another steam car.  This one is usually at the Dorset Steam Fair.
John Bull Engine On Steam Gallopers.jpg (121872 bytes) This John Bull steam engine drives the gallopers in this fairground ride.  Again from Dorset.
Horizontal Steam Engine.jpg (126209 bytes) This is a large horizontal engine at Kew Bridge Steam Museum.
Hawthorn Davey Triple Expansion Steam Engine.jpg (122309 bytes) This triple expansion Hawthorn Davey engine can be seen at Twyford Waterworks in Hampshire.
Beam Of Large Beam Engine.jpg (121306 bytes) High up in the gallery at Kew Bridge is this huge beam which can be seen operating when the engine is in steam.
Swiss Paddle Steamer Unterwalden Engine.jpg (120923 bytes) This is a part of the engine on the paddle steamer Unterwalden.  We had a trip on her on Lake Lucerne in Switzerland in 2002.  The whole engine was absolutely spotless.  A magnificent sight.  Management told me the scenery outside was lovely too!