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Other Engines

This page includes other interesting stationary engines I have seen over the years.

 1929 Lister D  1931 Lister DK  1945 Lister A

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Abandoned Engines at The Heights Of Abraham in Derbyshire...

These four engines were discovered at The Heights Of Abraham in Derbyshire in 1996.

"Management" allowed me to go running off
photographing these and having a look around for anything
else I would be interested in.  These engines had obviously just been
abandoned years ago.  I've no idea if they are still there today or have been removed.
If I'd had my digital camera then, I would have taken many more photos, but unfortunately these are the only four.


AtlasCopcoCompressor01.jpg (113419 bytes) When you click on this photo to see the larger image, you will notice the Atlas Copco compressor to the right and the old mine shaft to the left.
This compressor was evidently used to either aerate the mine or run a drill etc.  Any ideas?
AtlasCopcoCompressor02.jpg (99135 bytes) This is another Atlas Copco compressor that was almost hidden under a piece of corrugated iron sheeting.
On the larger image you can still just make out the name on the radiator top.
HeightsOfAbraham01.jpg (93940 bytes) This appeared to be an old winding engine that had definitely seen better days. Nature was slowly claiming back the area occupied by this machinery.
There was another piece of corrugated iron partially covering this engine.
HeightsOfAbraham02.jpg (112527 bytes) Here's another old winding engine.  As you can see this was totally exposed to the elements and was slowly rusting away.  
Many parts were missing and no doubt it had seized up years ago.  It seemed a shame that these engines had just been abandoned like this,
but it did make it very rewarding to just come across them whilst walking around.

I must return one day to see if anything remains.

Here are a variety of other Stationary Engines.

All of these have been photographed by myself over the years, at various events.

1920 Hamworthy 5HP.jpg (113601 bytes) 1920 Hamworthy 5HP.  Seen at Stapehill in Dorset.

1923 Ruston Hornsby  5HP, driving a grain blower.
Seen at the Bill Target steam rally.

1923 Ruston Hornsby 5HP.JPG (120467 bytes)
1926 Fairbanks Morse 6HP.jpg (115320 bytes) 1926 Fairbanks Morse 6HP, driving a dynamo.  Seen at the Bill Target steam rally.

1930s Loughborough College Engine.
Seen at Twyford Waterworks.

1930s Loughborough College Engine.jpg (129424 bytes)
1931 Stuart 2Stroke.jpg (116046 bytes) 1931 Stuart 2 Stroke, driving a water pump.  Seen at Twyford Waterworks.

1950 Wolseley WD, driving a water pump.
Seen at the Bill Target steam rally.

1950 Wolseley WD.jpg (125450 bytes)
Bamford Stationary Engine.jpg (120260 bytes) Bamford Engine.  Seen at the Bill Target steam rally.

Campbell Gas Engine.
This was seen in the Science Museum store at Wroughton.

Campbell Gas Engine.jpg (121709 bytes)
Crossley Gas Engine.jpg (117192 bytes) Crossley Gas Engine, driving a deep well pump.  Seen at Twyford Waterworks.

Flather Generating Set.  Seen at Stapehill in Dorset.

Flather Generating Set.jpg (120861 bytes)
Gardner Stationary Engines 1.5HP_1903 & 1902_Gas & Paraffin.jpg (118441 bytes) Two Gardner 1.5HP engines.  Left engine is a 1903 gas engine, and the right engine
is a 1902 paraffin engine.  Seen at Twyford Waterworks.

JAP Model O engine.  Seen at the Bill Target steam Rally.

Jap ModelO.jpg (121702 bytes)
Lister B.jpg (124435 bytes) Lister B engine, driving a dynamo and water pump.
Seen at Twyford Waterworks.

Lister D engine driving a water pump.  Seen at Twyford Waterworks.

Lister D.jpg (126617 bytes)
My Small Dismantled Generator.jpg (114192 bytes) This is my own small generator.  I was given it like this.
One day I hope to restore it.

Petter engine, normally driving a water pump and dynamo.
Seen at Twyford Waterworks.

Petter Stationary Engine.jpg (117705 bytes)
Ruston Stationary Engine 01.jpg (119887 bytes) This large Ruston engine was seen at the Dorset steam fair.

This Ruston was seen at Twyford Waterworks.

Ruston Stationary Engine 02.jpg (123104 bytes)

I hope you enjoyed looking at these engines.
I may, in the future, add some more photos to this page.

Stationary Engine Video Clips...

This clip is of a young friend's unrestored 1936 Lister D.
Thanks go to Liam for supplying it.

This clip is of a Petter M at Twyford Waterworks
on the3rd May2009.  Thanks go to Roger
for this one.
Notice how the stroboscopic effect does
strange things to the flywheels!

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