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Odds and Ends

This page will have various items of interest I have come across over the years.

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The Buried Car...

Late in 1999 I had a phone call from a friend who said he had found a car buried in his garden.
Expecting him to then say it was a toy car, I was amazed to learn that it was a full sized one.  Intrigued, I arranged to go over and take my camera.

BuriedCar01.jpg (75946 bytes)

This is obviously the front nearside wing.  Note there is still some original paint intact.

BuriedCar02.jpg (74813 bytes)

 This looks like a seat frame.  The number plate is also in the foreground, and the pipe with all the holes in looks like the inside of the exhaust silencer to me.

BuriedCar03.jpg (86596 bytes)

This was part of the dashboard by the looks of it.  There are round holes that probably would have taken the instruments.

BuriedCar04.jpg (91356 bytes)

This appears to be parts of the chassis and bodywork.  Note the hub caps and rear lights.  The rectangular section looks as if it could have been for the battery.

    He had noticed a pot hole appearing in his driveway and decided to repair it.
Whilst digging he discovered various pieces of metal and investigated further.  Before long
he had created this 'crater' in his garden and had pulled out the remains of what was once a complete car.

It was fascinating to see this all laid out for photographing.
I had taken a book about old cars with me and we tried to identify it.
The nearest we could manage was an old Ford.  I noted the registration number
from the number plate and contacted the D.V.L.A. (Driver and vehicle licensing authority) in Swansea
a few days later.  They were unable to help as the number had not been transferred to their new computerised database.

Whilst talking to his neighbour my friend was told that he vaguely remembered the car being buried there.
Apparently it was common practice years ago as the scrap value was virtually nothing.

The make and model of car, and it's past remain a mystery.
The parts were eventually taken to a scrap yard for final disposal.

What do you have under your garden?