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News Page


Here you will find various news items.

I will keep a diary of what's happening with my engines.
It will also contain anything I think may be of interest to someone looking at this website.

...And Here Is The News!



Petter M Restoration...

I am currently helping (or more likely hindering) a friend restore his 1933 Petter M Appletop.  I will probably, with his permission, create an article about it on "Engineweb".  We are taking lots of photos along the way, and so it should be interesting.

Latest... Engine being re-assembled.  Flywheels are now on.  The next visit may even see a trial start-up!


New Trailer... (March 2012)

I have just purchased a new trailer to take my engines around.  I bought the old trailer for 50 back in about 1993, from the Beaulieu Autojumble.  It has seen good service but was not too stable with an engine on, especially on rough roads.  I should have the new one ready for the first rally in May.
Latest (Early April 2012)
I am well on track to having the trailer ready for May. The winch is fitted. The spare wheel bolted on and a nice new cover put on it. The ramps have been adapted and the Lister A is now on the trailer. Eye bolts now have to be fitted to strap the engine down. I am also going to put some preservative on the timber ramps. 
May 2012
The trailer is finished and the first event with the Lister A has been completed.  I'm extremely pleased with the trailer and it tows like a dream.  For anyone interested I would thoroughly recommend where I bought mine... Dolphin Trailers of Poole in Dorset.

A Timely Reminder...

Just a short but important safety reminder.

If you are going to run an engine in an enclosed space (garage etc.) then please ensure you have plenty of ventilation.  During very cold weather it's tempting to close all doors and windows and perhaps put some heat on.  This is fine while working on the engine, but during a run proper ventilation is essential.


When I run mine in my garage I ensure the main up-and-over door and the rear door are both fully open.
Please also ensure any scarves, ties etc are tucked in before a run to ensure they don't get caught in flywheels, sprockets or the like.
I don't mean to nag but please be safe.  I would hate to hear of anyone having an accident.




Public Liability Insurance...

Did you know that when showing your stationary engine at a rally, or anywhere else in public, you need public liability insurance?  Most places need at least 2,000,000 worth of insurance.  It's okay.  Don't panic!  The best way to get this is to join a club where group rates have been negotiated.

The club I belong to costs only 14 for the year, and that includes public liability insurance for 5,000,000.  What a bargain eh?

I personally have never seen an accident involving a stationary engine, but it does happen.  It really pays to have the peace of mind, and for so little.




I do not have a links page at the moment.  It's something I've been considering for a while and will incorporate into my new website.  Meanwhile I will add them here on the News page.

If you know of any sites for possible inclusion please let me know.


Engine Timing...

A couple of times recently I have been asked how to time the magneto on one of our engines.  I thought it would be a good idea to add this to the web site, and so look out for the additional page when I re-vamp the site.

My Lister "A" and Lister "D"
3rd April 2013

I took my Lister A to the open day at Romsey Signal box last month.  It ran all day and created a good deal of interest.
This Sunday (the 7th April) I'm going to take the 1929 Lister D.  This will be it's first outing for several years.  I need to drag it out from it's "slumbers" and give it a good service before running it again.  As it hasn't been run for several years I will remove the crankcase door, change the sump oil and manually put oil on the bearings before turning it over.  I'll then check all the settings, lubricate moving parts and give her a good clean and polish.  It isn't too bad because it has been under an old curtain in my garage and has therefore been kept dry. I also cleaned the flywheel, covered it with oil and sealed it with a polythene bag to stop it rusting.



July 2012.  Several people have contacted me through the website over the past few months.  This is great and it shows that people are finding the site.  I am always pleased to hear from anyone, whether it's just with a comment (good or bad) or for some information or help.  I always try to answer emails quickly because I know how frustrating it is waiting for a reply!



Romsey Signal Box 019_24Mar2012.JPG (143518 bytes)

August 2012

Since taking on the role of maintenance person back in March I am getting the feel of the project.  It is a great place to work and visit.
We are open to the public on the first Sunday of the month except January.  If you are in the area it's well worth a visit.  If it's a nice day why not bring a picnic to have at one of the picnic tables.
Click on the picture above and also look at the web site for more information.



Please Note... We are now closed to the general public until September 2015.  This is because access is very limited during neighboring building works.  It does give us time to carry out some major works on site ready for a grand re-opening.
If you would like to visit during this time, private visits can be pre-arranged.  Please either contact me or use the signal box web site.


  Watch This Space - More News To Come