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The Engines
(1931 Lister D)

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I have not restored this engine as yet.
I have given it a check over, changed the oil and carried out basic servicing.
It runs on petrol/paraffin.  That is, it starts on petrol and then, when thoroughly warmed through the paraffin is turned on.
At present the engine is bolted to my garage floor and has been run on several occasions.  It has run with no problem on paraffin for over an hour before I turned it off.

Because of the larger flywheel and the higher revs per minute (1000 as opposed to the normal 700) I suspect this was used to run an electrical generator.
After restoration I will probably drive a generator from it again.




ListerDKFlywheelEnd.jpg (75573 bytes)

This engine was supplied to Salaman and Handell Ltd of London on the 5th March 1931.
It was built on 13th February in that year.

ListerDKExhaustEnd.jpg (74293 bytes)

This engine has a float chamber for the fuel.

ListerDKMagEnd.jpg (77428 bytes)

The magneto on this engine is mounted directly below the fuel tank and is chain driven.

ListerDKPlugEnd.jpg (80596 bytes)

Note the different top to this engine.  It was probably originally either tank or radiator cooled.


Video Clips...


Lister DK Video Clip 01
Click on the picture to see a short video clip of the DK running in my garage.
Windows Media Player should open and the file be downloaded and played.
Alternatively, right click and "save target as" to a temporary folder on your computer and
run it from there.  The file is less than 600KB and will only take a few seconds on broadband.

Lister DK Video Clip 02
Note in this clip how I have temporarily altered the exhaust.
Running it to a "pot" like this makes it run very quietly.
The file less than 600KB and will only take a few seconds on broadband.


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