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This page contains some interesting facts and figures about Bessie from March 1975 until September 2003.

N.B. I have only included some of the details recorded.  I would need several pages to give all details in full.

The only time she went into a garage was for her annual M.O.T. test.
I carried out most of the work in my own garage at home, which has a pit etc.
The body restorations were also carried out in my garage, but by a friend who is a body
repair specialist.  Some of the spraying was carried out at his place of work, in the paint oven.

1st March 1975 - Purchased Bessie from Romsey in Hampshire.
6th April 1975 - New clutch master cylinder fitted.
31st July1975 - New steering assembly fitted.
7th September 1975 - Engine overheated and big ends went.
14th September 1975 - Factory reconditioned engine fitted along with new clutch and radiator. Car now covered 75,510 miles.
7th June 1976 - Inner sills renewed.
9th August 1976 - Both front wings, front door pillar plates and outer sills renewed.
29 March 1977 - Bessie now covered 100,000 miles.
7th May 1977 - Bessie used as our wedding car (when I tied the knot with 'Management').
18th June 1977 - New king pins and bushes fitted.
15th July 1982 - New Carburettor fitted.
27th July 1986 - Both front shock absorbers renewed.
1st November 1987 - New front suspension cross member fitted (see photos).
16th July 1988 - New rear offside half wing and D post fitted (see photos).
3rd June 1989 - Dismantled and serviced rear suspension.
28th June 1992 - Bessie now covered 200,000 miles.
12 October 1995 - Front seats re-leathered.
20th December 1995 - Rear seats re-leathered.
17th April 1996 - New carpets to original spec. made and fitted.
14th October 1997 - Car drove into front offside wing causing minor damage
13th November 1998 - In-line catalyst fitted to fuel line to enable unleaded petrol to be used.
17 November 2001 - Renewed front offside lower spring pan.
7th September 2003 - Bessie driven to her new owner in Poole, Dorset.

I hope you found this interesting.  Photographs of some of the restoration work are on the other pages.

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