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Welcome to Bessie's Pages.

She was my Wolseley 16/60 until I reluctantly sold her in September 2003.
My back is not what it was and I knew I would not be able to keep Bessie in tip top
condition without suffering the consequences, and so a very hard decision was reached.
Bessie had become a part of the family and after 28 years of extremely good service it was very 
difficult to say goodbye.  The cars we have now are reliable and comfortable, but just have no character.


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Bessie was first registered in September 1968.
I was the third owner and I bought her for the princely sum of 340 in March 1975.
I owned her for over 28 years.  We covered 169,112 miles together during that time.  When I sold her she had covered 233,442 miles.

She was a very comfortable, stately sort of car.  She was very reliable and would happily plod along all day if required.
I would get over 40 miles per gallon on a run.  Bessie was an old fashioned sort of car that had to be driven, unlike
modern cars that almost drive themselves.  She could not be rushed, but would always get you there.

For a more comprehensive history click on the link above.

I kept all details of any work on the computer, along with costs and many photographs.
As a result I have an accurate record of what she cost me over the years.  Taking into account her purchase
price and final selling price she cost me a grand total of 4,500.  Not bad for 28 years motoring!  This figure doesn't
include normal servicing costs, MOTs, insurance or road tax.  It does include all the restoration work carried out over the years and
any other parts replaced.

You can see some of the restoration work on the other pages within Bessie's section.  Just follow the links above.

I hope you enjoy looking at Bessie's pages.

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