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Photographs and Video Clips

Here are a few more general photographs of Bessie through the years.

The quality of the photos varies, as some were taken with an old instamatic camera and some with 35mm.
These have been scanned into the computer.  The later ones were taken with a digital camera and are of far better quality.

I hope you enjoy looking at these photos.


Bessie_May1975.jpg (88408 bytes) This is Bessie and me in May 1975, just two months after buying her.  This photo was taken in the New Forest.
I had hair and was thinner then!
Bessie_7May1977.jpg (82410 bytes) She was used as our wedding car on the 7th May 1977.  Here she is outside the Balmer Lawn hotel in the New Forest.
I was very concerned about not having her bodywork damaged by all the bunting etc. but luckily she was dressed in
soft ribbons for the occasion.
BessieTowingCaravan_c1979.jpg (84427 bytes) Bessie towed our caravan many miles.  This photo shows her with our first caravan.  She was an ideal towing car because
of her long stroke engine.  We had many holidays with Bessie, sometimes going as far as Yorkshire.
BessieInsideFront_1994.jpg (91017 bytes) This picture shows the front seats and carpeting before restoration.  I had new carpets fitted throughout and all the seats
were re-covered with new leather.
BessieInsideFront_June1996.jpg (88418 bytes) This is after the carpet and seat restoration work.  What a difference it made!
BessieInsideRear_June1996.jpg (89467 bytes) Here is the rear seat and carpeting after restoration.  I fitted new piping around the door opening edges also.
BessieEngine01_1994.jpg (89479 bytes) This is a view under Bessie's bonnet.  I used to keep all the copper polished and everything nicely painted.
BessieEngine02_1994.jpg (89015 bytes) Here's the view under the bonnet from the other side.  The square bottle in front of the battery is the vacuum
operated windscreen washers which were never very efficient.
Bessies Dashboard_7Sept2003.jpg (86472 bytes) These next few photos were taken on the day I took Bessie to her new owner (7th Sept 2003).
This one was taken whilst we took her for a last drive.
Bessie_7Sept2003.jpg (88852 bytes) We stopped in a country lane for me to get this shot of her.  It was taken on the last day of ownership.
Bessie & David_7Sept2003.jpg (89767 bytes) This one was taken just before we left to deliver her.  A sad day!

Video Clips

Notes on video clips... 
Click on the picture for the clip you want to see and Windows Media Player should open and the file be downloaded and played.
Alternatively, right click and "save target as" to a temporary folder on your computer and run it from there.
The files are all well under 1MB and will only take a few seconds to download on broadband.

Here is Bessie's engine idling.  The cable flapping about over the rocker box cover is the choke cable.  The engine is a 4 cylinder 1622cc BMC B series.  When this was filmed the engine had already covered 158,000 miles.  The head had never been removed and only regular servicing carried out.
In this clip I asked Mary to drive while I filmed Bessie pulling away in a country lane near home.  That sound is very distinctive.  There was no sychromesh in 1st gear and so changing into 1st whilst still on the move was an art.

I have many more photos of Bessie through the years which bring back happy memories.
I still miss her and often think about what it was like to drive her.  You really knew you were driving something.


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