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About Me

This photo of me was taken on the 2nd August 2009.


If you would like to contact me just Click here

I was born on Christmas day in 1952 in Devon (in the south west of England).

My family moved to Southampton in southern England in 1960 for my father's job,
although our roots are firmly set in Cornwall.  Both of my parents were born there and I really
consider it to be home.  I was married to Mary (Management) in 1977.  We have a married son Paul who was born in 1980.


My Interests...

  • I have always been interested in steam and old machinery.
  • I like old vehicles such as classic and vintage cars, lorries, buses etc.
  • I like railways, be they model or full size. I prefer steam but all are interesting.
  • I like computers and the internet (otherwise I wouldn't have made this web site).
  • I like walking, sightseeing and travel.
  • Genealogy - I am researching the Trewern family tree (any details welcomed).

If I haven't frightened you off by now then do look around the site, you may even find something interesting!

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