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Welcome To The Engine-Web Home Page

The web site of David Trewern.          If you would like to contact me just Click here



I am going to update and improve this web site soon.
I apologise for any outdated items and the "stale" look.
David (October 2016)


If you are interested in Stationary Engines, Steam, Classic Cars

 or just bits of rusting old iron, then do stay and look around; there's a lot to see.


Please use the navigation links above to explore (see explanations below) - Above all, enjoy your visit.

If there is something you don't understand, perhaps a person or place name, please email me and I will happily explain.

There are some video clips throughout the site.
Clicking on the links to these should open  Windows Media Player and download the file,
which should then play automatically.  Alternatively, right click and "save target as" to a folder on your hard
drive, and run it from there.  The files are all small in size, and are Windows Media Video (WMV) format.  Downloading with
broadband should only take a few seconds.  I hope you enjoy them.  I've included them because it brings things to life and adds interest.

There is a link to my guest book at the bottom of this page.

I welcome your comments or any other feedback.


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N.B.  If you click on most of the pictures throughout the site you will see a larger version.  Just click on Back to return to where you were.

The Links To Other Pages...

Just navigate to the other pages of the site by using the Links Bar at the top of each Page.


Here's what you will find on the other pages...


This page.  Don't forget to view the "Website Latest Updates" page and perhaps leave a message in the guest book

"About Me"

Pretty obvious really! It's just a brief rundown of me and my interests.

"The Engines"

This is where you will find details and pictures of my own and other stationary engines.  There are several sub pages to view.  Just follow the links at the top of each page.


This was my Wolseley 16/60 classic car.  Again there are links to sub pages about some of her restoration work, with photos and video clips.


These pages contain photos and details about various steam engines - Rollers, Showman's, Stationary etc.


"Interesting Info"

Interesting information and facts and figures.  Ever wanted to know what horsepower actually was?  Try this page!


This contains an up to date (hopefully) list of events around the UK that I'm aware of. There will be many more I'm not aware of, no doubt.

"Odds & Ends"

There are other little snippets of interest here.  Bits and pieces that don't really warrant a page of their own, but are still worth sharing.

"Latest News"

This contains news items I think may be of interest to people looking at this site.

There will be other pages soon.


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If you find any, please contact me with the details so that I can correct them.


If you would like to contact me just Click here           View my guest book

Thank you for taking the time to look at this site.

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